Quail Forever Frequently Asked Questions


What is Quail Forever all about?

Pheasants Forever launched Quail Forever in August of 2005 to address the continuing loss of habitat suitable for quail and the subsequent quail population decline. Bobwhite population losses over the last 25 + years range from 60 to 90 percent across the country. The reason for the quail population plunge is simple - massive losses of habitat suitable for quail. There are five major factors leading to the losses of quail habitat; intensified farming and forestry practices, succession of grassland ecosystems to forests, overwhelming presence of exotic grasses like fescue that choke out wildlife, and urban sprawl. At the heart of Quail Forever is the unique grassroots system of fundraising and project development that allows members to see the direct result of their contributions. Quail Forever, Pheasants Forever's sister organization, empowers county and local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally raised conservation funds will be spent - the only national conservation organization that operates through this truly grassroots structure. As a result, chapter volunteers are able to see the fruits of their efforts locally, while belonging to a larger national organization with a voice on federal and state conservation policy.

How do I join Quail Forever?

Visit our online membership area here. You can also call 1(877)773-2070 and ask for the Membership Department or contact us using our online form.

How much is it to join Quail Forever?

Affiliate membership is $35.00 which includes a membership card, decal and five issues of Quail Forever Journal. Covey Club, Magnum and Sponsor level memberships are available which come with additional benefits. Life Membership and Patron Memberships are also available. Read about all of our membership levels on our Membership Page. Please contact Quail Forever at 1(877)773-2070 for additional information or contact us using our online form.

I joined Quail Forever, but I have not received any issue of the magazine. What is going on?

Processing your membership and receiving your premiums can take up to 8 weeks. If you wish to check on your membership, please call Quail Forever at 1(877) 773-2070 and ask for Membership or contact us using our online form.


If I see a Quail Forever Habitat Cooperator sign, does this mean as a member of Quail Forever I can hunt on this land?

No - The Habitat Cooperator signs mean that the landowner is working with Quail Forever to establish habitat. However, it does not mean that the land is open to public hunting. Always contact the landowner to ask permission to hunt on his/her land.

I own some land and I want to work on improving the habitat. Who can I talk to about this?

Please contact one of the Quail Forever Farm Bill Biologists or Habitat Specialists for in-ground assistance in your local area.

Where can I find information on stocking quail?

Quail Forever believes the single best way to improve quail populations is through habitat management. We do not support stocking of pen-raised quail.

Where can I hunt quail?

Visit our Where to Hunt page or contact your local state Department of Natural Resources for information on public hunting land.

When does quail hunting season begin?

Check out our Quail Hunting Forecast page or contact your local state Department of Natural Resources for information on a particular state's hunting season.


I'm a Texas Quail Forever chapter officer and I don't know how to access the Chapter Resource Portal.

Access is granted only to the Chapter Committee members, an email sent to the PF Webmaster to request the login ID and password.

How do I find information on my local banquet?

Please contact your local chapter, searchable on our Find a Chapter tool. You can also contact the local Regional Representative staff member in charge of your region. Additionally, you can contact us using our online form.


How do I contact Texas Quail Forever?

You can contact Quail Forever at (806) 781-3724 or use our online form.